On Truth

“So I showed it to him,” Brielle concluded, “but he just, like, started yelling at me.”

“Nothing is more infuriating than a demonstrable truth,” said Mr. Magundi. “You can be civil as long as the debate cannot be definitively settled. But when you’ve put your whole soul into maintaining a proposition, and the other side produces incontrovertible proof that you’re wrong, your only choice is either cheerful admission of defeat or blind impotent rageā€”and it doesn’t take a deep or subtle student of psychology to know which way most people will go. If, in an argument about politics or religion or anything else people really care about, one of the participants ends up dead, we are justified in supposing that the victim brought up a really good point, and the murderer was not able to think of an answer.”

About The Publisher

H. Albertus Boli is well known as the editor of the celebrated Magazine that bears his name. He publishes Mr. Magundi's thoughts as a favor to an old friend, but it is Mr. Magundi who is entirely responsible for his own opinions.
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  1. markw says:

    or could not parse the other’s argument

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