On Taxes

“Well, I got my taxes sent out,” Mrs. Bowman remarked, “and with just a few days to spare. I spent three nights working on them, too.”

“Yes, it’s obvious that, for many people, filing the forms is far more of a burden than paying the taxes,” said Mr. Magundi. “Yet the forms are as simple as they can possibly be made as long as Congress demands an infinite number of special credits and exemptions for various causes and interests. Fortunately, I have solved the problem, and I have done so in a way that will be profitable to our government as well as being less burdensome to the ordinary citizen. Let every kind of income, from whatever source, be subject to withholding at a predictable rate. Congress may continue to make as many special laws as it likes, but the withholding remains unaffected. Then, at the end of the year, if you want to claim all your special exemptions and credits, you file a return, and the government writes you a check. If you do not file a return, no questions are asked: the government simply keeps the money. If there were no legal requirement to file a return, tens of millions of taxpayers would never claim their refunds, and the government would have that much more money to play with. I think you should write our congressman and urge him to adopt the Magundi Plan. I’d do it myself, but lately his office seems to be blocking all correspondence from my email address.”

About The Publisher

H. Albertus Boli is well known as the editor of the celebrated Magazine that bears his name. He publishes Mr. Magundi's thoughts as a favor to an old friend, but it is Mr. Magundi who is entirely responsible for his own opinions.
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2 Responses to On Taxes

  1. Sir:

    Your plan is too sensible to ever be adopted.


  2. xj says:

    They tried something like that in Great Britain…


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