On Animals

“But I don’t hold with the idea that man is just a higher animal,” I was saying.

“I think you’re right,” Mr. Magundi agreed. “Maybe instead of seeing humans as higher animals, we’d be better off thinking of animals as lesser humans. Or maybe ‘lesser’ is the wrong word.”

About The Publisher

H. Albertus Boli is well known as the editor of the celebrated Magazine that bears his name. He publishes Mr. Magundi's thoughts as a favor to an old friend, but it is Mr. Magundi who is entirely responsible for his own opinions.
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One Response to On Animals

  1. Karl Anderson says:

    If evolution is the process of species becoming more adapted to their environment, and since monkeys are far better suited to their environment than man is, not requiring clothing or housing to survive, then we must conclude that we have had evolution backwards for over a hundred years. Monkeys are not evolving into man, but man is evolving into a monkey.

    That said, should we not begin to consider the phrase, “He’s making a monkey out of himself” to be a compliment?

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